Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Um.. Welcome? Put on your reading glasses and you can come in.

Welcome to my blog. I thought it was time I had one, as I had just turned thirteen, yes, so it was perfectly legal to do so. Of course, many would have blogged by now, but I have always believed that one crime begets another(blahblahblah); yes, and it would be a bad example to those under my age. I know schoolgirls or boys would say, "Oh perfectly lame! He's a nerd!
Yes, go ahead. But there is a perfectly good reason BBC is on this page, yes, because you kids should know what's going on this world, yes, not what's on the school, who's the "leng zai"s and the "leng luei"s, or the hotties and the hunks..
I know, yes, what you're thinking, but the world is bigger than the one in school...
On this blog, we'll address some issues(blahblahblah), such as God, and love, of course, and we'll talk about money, politics, money politics, political money, technology, sports, entertainment, and of course(repetitious words,I know what you're thinking, of course), and design! Yes, design! The world is all about ..design. (so what? I'm still a rock star, I got my blackmores, and I don't need you..)
Yep, I'm going to beef up this site with some lamer stuff.... so stay 'round 'kay?

You might see some websites sprouting up around soon..Any questions? Oh, I see your hand at the back there! Am I in a relationship? Of co--Well, you know.... Let's change the subject, please. Football team? Manchester United, of course!(that's right, of course.) So..umm..see you around!

*could you Google Blackmores? Thanks!

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